Beauty Under the Spotlight

Chosen to be the official makeup sponsor of the annual Jakarta Fashion Week, Make Over brings incomparable dominating looks to the fashion runway.


Lights, camera, go! The highly anticipated Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) has returned for another exciting fashionable year. This fashion event has proven its true power of bringing the Indonesian rising creative talents into the world’s stage.

Reinforcing this colossal fashion event furthermore, JFW has exclusively selected Make Over as their official makeup sponsor throughout the shows. Make Over is the key element of all the runway looks, including the cosmetics provider and also the prominent makeup artists.

Fashion is a freedom of expression. As if it is a human right, fashion belongs to everyone at all. That is why in Make Over, we try to represent those limitless characteristics by offering a wide array of color and product range. Make Over is not one type of beauty, but it is a beauty of any types.


Make Over is transforming the JFW 2018 looks into a beauty-forward pacesetter, one fashion model at a time. Our leading makeup artists are settled with the signature and professional beauty products to embrace uniqueness. The looks are dynamic at a first glance with their piercing eye makeups, luscious lip wears and stunning face complexions.


Out of the runway show’s backstage, Make Over is also entrusted to lead several activities at the JFW 2018. They are:

  1. Exclusive show at the Fashion Tent

(Thursday, 26th October 2017, 7 PM)

Collaborating with eminent designers Sean & Sheila, Tities Sapoetra and Dini Ira, and also notable makeup artists Dhirman Putra, Yoga Septa and Philipe Karunia.


  1. Make Over Makeup Artist Hunt Grand Finale

(Wednesday, 25th October 2017, 11 AM)

After a long month of searching for the next leading makeup artists in the nation, Make Over is revealing who are the finest ones in today’s beauty industry.


Let’s celebrate beauty together and steal the world’s attention with your own exceptionality. See you on the events!