Silky Smooth Translucent Powder

IDR 115.000

Translucent loose powder that provides good spreading, natural and subtle makeup. The silky fine texture helps to moisturize and absorb excess oil creating fresh and vibrant look all day long!

01 Porcelain

Color palette


Available in 5 colors:
01 Porcelain, 02 Rosy, 03 Champagne, 04 Toffee , 05 Snow

- Moisturizer to maintain skin moistness and to prevent skin dehydration
- Oil contro
- High performance particle powder

Apply evenly onto face and neck after primary application and foundation. For natural and sheer finish, use powder brush. For sophisticated and smooth finish, pat with sponge.

Tips :
1. Silky Smooth Translucent powder is best for sheen-free makeup. Apply before Perfect Cover Two Way Cake, particularly on T-zone by patting and pressing slowly.
2. Before applying eye shadow, apply Silky Smooth Translucent Powder thick on the under eyes. This step eases eye shadow sweeping.