Ultra Shine Lipstick

IDR 75.000

Ultra Shine Lipstick is the ultra-soft and smooth lipstick with a little bit of shine. These flattering colors kisses your lips delicately, making it feels as tender as marshmallow. The best way to channel a feminime alluring look.

01 Ice Angle

Color palette


Available in 15 colors:
01 Ice Angle, 02 Brunet Pink, 03 Artful Amethyst, 04 Reddish Junk, 05 Tahitian Red, 06 Gorgeous Red, 07 Red Alert, 08 Mocha Toffee, 09Venetian Brown, 10 Down To Brown, 11 Peach Vaganza, 12 Nudist Freak, 13 Everlasting Kiss, 14 Peninsula Peach, 15 Velvet Truffle

Shea Butter, Olive Oil, and Jojoba Oil to maintain lips softness and prevent dull lips
- Vitamin E as antioxidant and skin conditioning