Creamy Lust Lipstick

IDR 75.000

Boost your confidence and spread your charm with Creamy Lust Lipstick! Its solid color and creamy texture embodies radiant yet matte look. The idea of a fine touch of sensuality.

01 Sassy Pink

Color palette



Available in 15 colors:
01 Sassy Pink, 02 Retro Pink, 03 Raisin Plum, 04 Quirky Red, 05 Red Rhapsody, 06 Glorius Gold, 07 Mauve Brown, 08 Twilight Buff, 09Clover Haze, 10 Frappz Nude, 11 Innudecent, 12 Nude in Paradise, 13 Nude Pannacotta, 14 Pink Cocktail, 15 Red Tango

- Jojoba Oil to maintain lips softness and prevent dull lips
- Vitamin E as antioxidant and skin conditioning