Camuflage Cream Face Concealer

IDR 135.000

This 5 color palette concealer is one of the most important professional makeup tool perfect to camouflage any kind of skin imperfections. Mix the color, find your match and experience flawless skin.

Camouflage Cream Face Concealer

Color palette



To find which color of concealer is most suitable, choose the opposite color of your skin problems from this color wheel.
1. Light beige
Use light beige as tint/highlight. Could also be applied on T area (nasal bone, forehead, cheekbone and chin). Could be mixed with beige to camouflage dark spots under eyes.
2. Beige
Use beige to camouflage blemish, stain or acne spots.
3. Light green
Use light green to camouflage reddish skin.
4. Light purple
Use light purple to give brightening effect on dull skin.
5. Orange
Use orange to give brightening effect on deep skin, could also be used as blush on base (forming cheekbone area)